The Government Analytics Research Institute (GARI) / Institut de recherche en analytique gouvernementale (IRAG) is a non-profit research consortium based in Ottawa, Canada serving governments around the world.

Our expertise is in applied analytics at all levels: visualizations, simulations, predictive analytics and Artificial Intelligence (AI). Our research focuses on Proof-of-Concepts (POCs), developing long-term digital strategies, and developing teams and organizational processes to enable the use of advanced analytics in government organizations. Because GARI is a consortium of Schools of Management and the Institute on Governance, a key research focus is on the integration of analytics tools and techniques into an organization’s governance and management processes.

Analytics in Government Quarterly

A quarterly professional journal dedicated to publishing objective and insightful articles on the use and application of big data and advanced analytics in federal, provincial and municipal government levels in Canada.

The journal features insights and opinions from well-known and respected thought leaders, top executives in the industry and senior government officials who would share their knowledge, experience, and success stories in this field.

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Gregory Richards
Founder and Managing Director, GARI / IRAG
Director of the Executive MBA program and Adjunct Professor, Telfer School of Management
99 Bank Street
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
613 562-5800 x 5356
[email protected]