JULY 2020

AI has played a substantial role in assisting public health and the medical community to curb the current pandemic. However, are AI contact tracing apps really useful? Will they harm individual privacy and liberty? 

A visual understanding of the COVID-19 situation reduces feelings of panic and clarifies the logic of shelter-in-place or stay-at-home rules. It also helps maintain trust in government institutions.



How data-driven decision-making can flatten the curve at all stages of an outbreak.

With the synchronicity of multiple data sets and moderator variables, machine learning analysis capability can enhance predicative potential of pandemic occurrences and insight into what effective interventions can predict, prevent, and manage the viruses.  

How to leverage the Analytical Emergency Management framework to manage emergency situation.

To know when a pivot is needed, managers must have a way to become aware of changes in their environment. These changes are usually signaled with small variations in daily trends. Capturing this is possible by tracking a vast number of additional details, that is data, in daily operations.